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It's your brush wash day

To make sure your blending is superb, your color true and the makeup application hygienic you need to make sure you look after your tools properly. Oh how many times I witnessed brushes that were shoved into a makeup bag with products accumulated on their bristles over months and months! If you use makeup every day it is essential to cleanse them properly at least after every second use. Otherwise - hello pimples and patchy eyes!

The procedure is not rocket science really, using warm water and mild soap without any conditioners just wash the bristles (try not to wet the rest of the brush too much, otherwise they might start to lose hairs - and we don't want that) swirling gently on your hand or a special brush washing mat, then thoroughly rinse and squeeze the water out with a towel. After that just lay them flat to dry and then comes my favorite part - touching the bristles for the first time after they dry (feels similar to when Amelie was sticking her hand into a bag of beans).

The process can be tedious sometimes, especially when you have lots of brushes and some of them won't let go of your foundation but it's just something that you need to do, like brushing your teeth or washing the dishes - not very much fun but worth it. So happy washing! xx

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