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Before and After - why not?

Makeup artists often publish 'before and after' photographs of their work. This may be an effective way to showcase their skills, and I could not agree more with that. However, neither on my site nor facebook page will you find images like these (the only exception being my own face, done once!) as I think it is a fairly ruthless way of demonstrating one's talent. The 'after' shots can show a striking difference between natural and 'enhanced' beauty and such comparison may not be as flattering for the model as it is beneficial for the makeup artist. I would suggest a bit more sensitivity towards our clients - I imagine they would enjoy the photographs of how they appear with a professional shoot more than they would appreciate 'before and after' shots.

Of course, there are many clients who are ok with the way they look without makeup, and I like that. For many people though, such naked comparisons published for everyone to see can feel a bit uncomfortable, don't you think?

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